rhianna and chris brown incident

I think it's absolutely disgusting what Chris brown did to Rhianna, there is absolutely no need at all to hit a girl for such a silly reason or even to hit a girl at all! I was so disgusted when I seen the photo of her beaten face on the internet it made me feel so sick, so many people seen Chris brown as a role model! There was just no need at all for it! He has a lot coming to him for this and he deserves it all! Chris Brown has thrown everything away that he’s worked for. Most people have lost all their respect for him well I know I have I was a big fan of Chris Brown but now I cant even watch him on the TV listen to him on the radio knowing he was able to do something like that! CHRIS BROWN IS EVIL!!! No one is ever who you think they are, and as they say you cant judge a book by its cover. Now Chris Brown and Rhianna have seemlinly got married? how could you marry a man knowing he could do something like that? if he can do it once he can do it again, rhianna has set a really bad example out to woman! she should have done the right thing and leave chris brown and set the example to get out after the first time and not just forgive him after he does something so wrong, after forgiving him so easily first time he knows she will forgive him next time! maybe if they started seeing each other again so he could prove he wouldnt hit her again not go straight in to marriage thats just silly after such a serious incident! i know if it was me i couldnt go back after such a serious incident! having a bad childhood is no excuse, he should have learnt from his childhood!



Blog about celebrities behaving badly!

Celebrities constantly moan about paparazzi following them about and putting embarrassing photos of them on to front pages of papers or magazines but why do these things when they know for a fact that they are being watched, paparazzi watching them basically comes in with the job description its just common sense! All these celebrities moan about people poking about in their private life but maybe if they did these things behind closed doors it actually would be a private life! The truth is they do these embarrassing things knowing people are watching them for example; getting extremely drunk and flashing private parts, sleeping with the nanny or even pretend to be in love to make a film more popular etc. they know for a fact they are being watched, if maybe for once they thought about the things they are doing before they done it they wouldn’t have to moan about it being published! The behaviour of most celebrities isn’t normal, who randomly walks in to a hair dressers, grabs the clippers and starts shaving al their hair of in-front off everyone?