Jade Goodys Death!

If you aren’t already sick of seeing Jade Goody on the front page of every newspaper and of hearing about her on every chat show then you just might be when this time next year they begin to promote the new movie about her life. I think this is shocking she was a wannabe who never even won the reality TV show big brother but became famous for all the wrong reasons then starred in the celebrity big brother as a special guest and then was racist to Shilpa Shetty the Bollywood star, it wasn’t fair on her that she had cancer and died but it doesn’t mean she should become famous and everyone should feel sorry for her just cause she was famous, hundreds of people die everyday of cancer but they don’t make money off selling there story or making a TV show on them coping with, dyeing with cancer then their funeral. Jade Goody is a hypocrite she quoted in magazines she didn’t want her children see her dyeing but she allowed it to be shown on TV were her children can watch it now or later in the future which I think is disgusting! Why would anyone want to watch someone suffering from cancer, die then watch her funeral? Jade goody was a disgrace and bad role model to anyone she was about as thick as two planks, racist and disgusting! Due to the death of jade goody many people respect her but how can you respect someone you don’t actually know but only read about in a magazine or news paper?