Baby P

its digusting that baby P's mum and step dad were given only 5 years jailtime and could get out in 3! they should have been given the maximum sentence for killing baby pee, the boy was severly abused till he died he had been physically abused since he was a baby and even though social care had been involved so many time time he was never ever take away from his mean mother and step father, it had been seen at the most severe child protect failures ever! and the people who done it could only get 3 years in prison even though they took away this little boys life from him for no reason just fun! Baby Peter was 17 months old when he died from horrific abuse that left him with more than 50 injuries. his step dad constantly hit him full force, through him against wall and hit him with stuth the poor boy went through so much pain and most the time the mother watched calmly not caring! child protection should have gave that boy a new home and family instead of just ignoring the matter know one actually knows how many cases just like baby peters is just being ignored because it takes up so many time with all the paper work and the social care just cant be arsed instead babys are being killed because there parents are just amn right heartless and dont care about there own child! parents like this should just be shot there is no need at all in it. it actually makes me feel physically sick that they could be so heartless! the poor boy was used as a punchbag by his mothers boyfriend and seemingly another man that lodged in the same house, a postmortem examination of baby peter revealed he had a broken back, eight fractured ribs, missing fingernails and toenails, multiple bruises and an injury to the inside of his mouth. He had also swallowed one of his own teeth. The court heard that his back had been broken by slamming him down over a bent knee or a bannister, which would have left him paralysed. It is claimed he was taken to hospital three times in the months before his death after being repeatedly beaten and abused. his mum covered up his bruises with chocolate and lied to doctors to cover her self up! social services had been to her house to check on baby pee 60 times over the period of his birth and never once decided to take him in to care!!! its disgusting!!!

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is officially fat and ugly and her face makes me sick, she is obviously going to win Britain’s Got Talent cause she’s ugly and can sing, if she was pretty she wouldn’t even have the chance of winning people only like the woman because she looks like she couldn’t have a good voice and are just surprised that she can actually sing, America has fell in love with her and so has a few celebrities but I think she should be in xfactor as BGT is a variety show and its to find something different for the royal variety show! Susan Boyle is so overrated, yes, she can sing, but it’s not about talent with her is it? she recently had a rant at a hotel after some guys were seemingly winding her up she was shouting and swearing and seemingly made a scene and now she is annoyed that about the comment piers gave Shaheen Jafargholi a good comment saying he was just as good as Susan Boyle! its disgusting she has got so big headed and to be honest I think there is bigger talent in that competition than her people only liked her course she was a surprise but now she is just damn right boring she could put an audience to sleep after and hour! Fair enough she seems to be a really nice woman but she needs to get a grip she isn’t the only good talent in the competition but I wouldn’t be surprised if she won the competition for being good at singing even though she is so ugly!

Kerry Katona

Its an absolute sin on this woman, all the paparazzi sit out side her house 24/7 waiting to take a photo so they can exaggerate and lie about what they actually seen she just wants to have a normal life, I don’t usually agree with celebrities doing stupid things then moaning about the pictures in magazine but after watching the series of Kerry Katona crazy in love, I realised she is just a normal down to earth person but her family and so called friends who she trusts constantly sell made up stories about her, she has lost so many friends and members of her family due to this including her own mum its disgusting knowing that even her own mother made up a story and told the world just for a couple of grand. How horrible would it be to not be able to trust close friend and relatives too scared to say the wrong thing in front of them in case they exaggerate some bullshit and sell it thinking you wouldn’t mind and would forgive them when they say sorry and take you for tea with the money they made from humiliating you! What kind of a mother would sell a bullshit story about their own daughter, just less than year after her daughter had forgiven her for disowning her for drugs through out her childhood and ruining her childhood because of it, if she is that sick to sell out her own daughter why does she actual think her daughter will just forgive her after all she has done I certainly know that I wouldn’t no chance in hell! i would never sell out someone I cared for and knew that they trusted me for money! Her mum is a very nasty sick woman and I hope Kerry doesn’t let her back in her life for her own sake as well as her kids.


so many question?

so what are we? are people sent to learn a lesson and die after they have completed there test god has given them? so they know how to cope or be able to do something to help them in there next life. or are they punished with death for doing wrong or doing what god told them not to? or is life just like the lottery? what if no one is out there to decide what happens it just happens by its self. life is so confusing no one knows what gonna happen next it feels like the lottery to us but what IF there is someone out there controlling what we do or say? are we like robots getting controlled by everyone or even like a computer game controlled against each other! do we have any choice at all at what we do, do we even have our own thoughts or is someone controlling them aswell? are the people controlling us ghosts of ancestors or little people or even one man who controlls us from in the sky or are they aliens using our bodys to survive on earth? how will we ever know? is ther somewhere after death do we go to as better place if we have been good or a bad place if we have been bad? is there heaven or hell or even places like that for after death? is there somewhere bigger and better than earth that we just dont knowm about? how will we find out these answers? is there any way we ever will? no one knows!!!

MPs expenses

A disc has recently been sold to a newspaper containing all the expenses of MPs and the outrageous claims Mps have been claiming for more than they should have expenses allow them to claim furniture rent and or mortgage interest payments on their second home. A number of MPs have switched, or "flipped", the designation of their homes, allowing them to ­furnish different homes at the expense of the taxpayer. Many MPs have been claiming kit Kats, maids, cooks, meals, televisions, cushions and also shopping! Tax payers are paying for the luxury the MPs get to live in during the credit crunch where alot of people are struggling to put food on the table due to so many job losses! MP Lib Dem Lembit Opik did not apologise at first but finally did after saying he does not understand why it was wrong for him to claim £2,499 for a TV set, he even claimed a £40 court summons, he has said he is going to payback some of the money. A few Mps have apologised and are paying back what they have claimed wrongly including Julia Goldsworthy, who is paying back £1,005 she claimed for a chair, and former leader Sir Menzies Campbell is also paying back £1,490.66 he paid to an interior designer. Care services minister Phil Hope, the Corby and East Northants Labour MP, is to pay back £41,709 in expenses. Mr Hope claimed for furniture, fittings and other items for his second home. In his exact works "The anger of my constituents and the damage done to perceptions of my integrity concerning the money has been a massive blow to me that I cannot allow to continue," but many Mps are trying to keep low to try and to ignore the problem so they wont have to pay back there wrongly claimed expenses taken from the tax payers money. This is disgusting and I think each mp should be made to give back the money, it’s outrageous that they will get away with it!!!


size zero

So where is the need in starving your self to look like a skeleton? You feel ill tired n look horrible but people just can’t help but do it but where is the need in all the celebrities trying to keep to a size zero? doing everything they can which then sending out signals to all their fans that being so disgustingly skinny is ‘nice, sexy and cool.’ Surveys prove that men don’t even like it they find a curvier woman more attractive than a skeleton and seeing a woman starve there self is such a put off! Rumours go round that celebs are also using cocaine to keep skinny and to keep them from feeling hungry and we fought that energy drinks, dieting pills and alcohol were going over the top. Many celebrities are replying to articles about themselves in magazines saying their size is due to busy lifestyles and they just haven’t got enough time to sit down and eat a proper meal, but this doesn’t mean not eating at all there are plenty of places to buy food for on the go! Size zero came in to fashion a few years ago and most celebrities have calmed down since last year and put on weight to have a nicer looking curvier figure but many celebs are just not getting the point that it’s out of fashion and no one wants to see someone who’s all skin and bones it’s sickening but so many people just aren’t getting the point! There aren’t many gossip magazines you can buy that don’t have an article making size zero celebrities look bad and revolting.