Blogging Assesment 2

Blogs and podcasts are very similar, they have many similarities and the only main difference is that a blog is a written and a podcast is an audio version. a podcast is just a diary where you can say what you want and record it using a microphone and people can download the podcast and listen to it on their own computer anytime. podcasts and blogs are always there and can be kept here porever unless the publisher decides to remove it or for and legal reason is removed! even though tehy seem to be very alike tehy tend to be appeal in different ways to others. the main advantages of a podcast is that you can hear there tone of voice which can make you understand more about what they are saying and they are easier for someone on the go to listen to. the main advantages to blogs in another yhand is that you can read over what you have just read at any moment without hassle and is easyier to rean in a noisy place and also many people would rather read context than listen to an audio file.

one prime example of a blog is the hollywoodgossip.com which is a worldwide blog about celebrities, it is updated regularly and always has the gossip but the site is slated alot as everything is always told! bluging and podcasting has become very popular and are becoming more popular than some magazine as they are updated more regularly and are easier to access.

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