Shona White

Shona White’s musical journey has taken her from singing in the church choir through fife children’s theatre to appearing in some of London west end biggest hit shows, Shona started off singing in the choir at the age of 10 not realising the big talent she had, until the age of 12 She never realised how much she enjoyed singing, acting and dancing after realising this she went on to going to Edinburgh acting school 3 times a week after school at the age of 17 Shona moved to London in then hope of getting in to The Royal Academy of Music, and succeeded!

When asked who her inspirations were Shona replied “Emm…Barbara Streisand inspired me years ago and also Shirley Bassey, women with big voices really and also just like people I have worked with in musicals!” she also admitted in the interview she was a big fan of watching musicals on T.V. including the Wizard of Oz, My Fair Lady and also Annie!

Shona has admitted that up until recently Mamma Mia was her favourite production “Emm…okay that’s a hard question there’s probably two, it used to be Mamma Mia as it was really amazing, amazing fun and I got to play the lead for the last 2 months of my contract, now the films out and that’s been a big success I actually got invited to go see a special preview as I was involved in the west end show so that was amazing so until I did Wicked, Mamma Mia was my Favourite but emm…wicked is the most amazing role for a female actress I played Elpha the green witch who gets to fly and gets to play the most amazing high belted songs its just a thrill so yeh, playing Elpha in wicked I think was the most amazing I was the stand by so I apparently went on 42 times in 6 months so yes that was thrilling.

Shona laughed about her biggest achievement, “Winning a blue peter badge…no I’m just kidding but I actually did win one though I designed the inside of a book cover for an annual.” As well as her favourite production playing Elpha The Green witch in Wicked is Shonas biggest achievement so far in her career.

Shona met Take That a wee while back and told her wee story, “I had lunch with Take That one time at the Royal Variety Concert in 1994, I was in the choir backing them but some thing funny happened, in rehearsals they had laid on a big buffet but by the time we had finished rehearsing and got to the canteen river dance had eaten all the food so to make up for it they let us go in to the VIP section to eat lunch it was cool.” Shona goes out socially with people like Claire Sweeney who she has met during her career she admits to going out to clubs and has been sitting next to someone famous and not noticed! The biggest highlight of the interview with Shona was her story about not realising she was with a very famous man in a night club even though he had his very distinctive ponytail! - “I’ve actually been sitting next to someone and not noticed who they were cause they are just in the same night club you know, my brother killed me at some point cause I went out to a night club with Claire Sweeney and this really nice man, handsome clean cut shaving man. I was chatting away to him all night he left said nice to meet you and nice chatting to you and left and Claire Sweeney turned to me and said u do know that was David Seamen don’t you? Yes and my brother killed me for that, didn’t know it was him so I never got an autograph for my brother so he wasn’t happy! You just don’t realise you know, they are just like us just going out for a quite drink and so!”

Shona laughed about her ultimate goal she wants to achieve, “Oh… world domination… I’m only joking emm…I don’t know I have done so many amazing things already, I want to now get on to T.V. acting that’s where I’m at now I want to get on Taggart so I can say there’s been a murder! So something like that but my ultimate dream or goal would be to do big concerts like Barbara Streisand and Shirley Bassey do, to do Wembley or the o2 something like that you know that would be my dream to have a big orchestra and just little me in my evening dresses!

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