Lily Allen

Lily Allen has decided to bite her tongue and let her latest album do the talking, She released her second record in February then planned a large UK tour. She is keeping her self busy this year after a failed pregnancy and also failed marriage with Ed Simons from the known chemical brothers. Unlike most stars lily her past is colourful but is in control of her future, the star has being doing well for herself besides having an all gone wrong last year. The stars new record will prove many points, the album is more mature from her first and even features two love songs Chinese and who’d have known, Chinese being about and for her mother, love songs are not something we are used to hearing from Lilly which is a big surprise of the album.

When asked “Why are you the one the media loves to hate, or to trash all the time? Because every time there is a big story in the papers, it’s about you being a) topless, b) drunk or c) meeting some mysterious man, as they call it.”

Lily replied, “I don’t know. Maybe because I’m a woman and I have a point of view and people aren’t used to that. I think it’s much easier you know, with anything to be critical, you know, than it is to be positive about something. And I think if it’s your job to, you know… Those people that write for gossip magazines must be very depressed about their jobs, because it must be so boring having to lie about things the whole time, which is basically… you know, they get up in the morning, they go to work, photographer’s agency sends them a hundred photos of different celebrities. They don’t know what the hell those celebrities are doing in those photos, because they don’t know… they don’t know that person, so they have to make it up. And I think when you’re making stuff up, it’s much easier to be negative, especially if you’re a depressed person, than it is to be positive about things, you know. I tend to think that those things are not so much about me, they are about the people that write them.”

Lily admits that the press sometimes get to her even though she knows they shouldn’t she quotes “Sometimes I can laugh about it, sometimes I get really upset about it, because it’s very thoughtless, a lot of the things that people write. And a lot of the times, you know, some people… if people write things in the terms of that’s their opinion then it’s legal to do so. If they write it as if it’s fact then it’s illegal, if they’re lying. The way that they word a lot of things is always, you know… it’s very… you know, they’re guessing, you know. So they’re writing as if… you know, they don’t actually know the facts. Which means that they can… it’s all very opinionated, you know. You know: “Lily must be feeling like this”, not “Lily is feeling like this”. Or… do you know what I mean? It’s very… But people don’t really necessarily notice that when they’re reading it, they can’t see exactly how things are phrased. And that’s what irritates me, ´cause I just go: “Grrrr…” So annoying how they can get away with it, because they’re phrasing things in a certain way.”

As we all know Lily made a huge statement to the fashion industry in her first music video by mixing a smart dress with a casual pair of trainers, “Say, how important is fashion for you?”

“Not very!” replied Lily laughing.

“Although you´ve become like a fashion idol over the last few years? Or is that just by accident really?”

“Yeah (yawns), it was not intentional. You know, I just wear whatever is clean in my wardrobe. (chuckles) So yeah, I’m not… I don’t think of myself like that. People always ask me in interviews, you know: “What’s your inspiration behind your style?” And I think, well, as soon as you start thinking about your style that much, you automatically become unstylish, so I tend not to think about it, I just wear what I feel comfortable in. And if I’m feeling particularly confident I’ll probably wear something that’s a bit more flattering. If I’m not then, you know, I’ll wear a potato sack like I am today (laughs).”

“Says the woman who has her own fashion line?”

“Yeah. Well, I did have it, it was a long time ago.”

Lily denied the rumour she was receiving an unlimited amount of free handbags from channel, she explains that she is invited to Chanel’s shows and is sometimes sent free gifts but denies being able to walk in to a Chanel shop and pointing out what she wants without paying for the items.

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