size zero

So where is the need in starving your self to look like a skeleton? You feel ill tired n look horrible but people just can’t help but do it but where is the need in all the celebrities trying to keep to a size zero? doing everything they can which then sending out signals to all their fans that being so disgustingly skinny is ‘nice, sexy and cool.’ Surveys prove that men don’t even like it they find a curvier woman more attractive than a skeleton and seeing a woman starve there self is such a put off! Rumours go round that celebs are also using cocaine to keep skinny and to keep them from feeling hungry and we fought that energy drinks, dieting pills and alcohol were going over the top. Many celebrities are replying to articles about themselves in magazines saying their size is due to busy lifestyles and they just haven’t got enough time to sit down and eat a proper meal, but this doesn’t mean not eating at all there are plenty of places to buy food for on the go! Size zero came in to fashion a few years ago and most celebrities have calmed down since last year and put on weight to have a nicer looking curvier figure but many celebs are just not getting the point that it’s out of fashion and no one wants to see someone who’s all skin and bones it’s sickening but so many people just aren’t getting the point! There aren’t many gossip magazines you can buy that don’t have an article making size zero celebrities look bad and revolting.

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