Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is officially fat and ugly and her face makes me sick, she is obviously going to win Britain’s Got Talent cause she’s ugly and can sing, if she was pretty she wouldn’t even have the chance of winning people only like the woman because she looks like she couldn’t have a good voice and are just surprised that she can actually sing, America has fell in love with her and so has a few celebrities but I think she should be in xfactor as BGT is a variety show and its to find something different for the royal variety show! Susan Boyle is so overrated, yes, she can sing, but it’s not about talent with her is it? she recently had a rant at a hotel after some guys were seemingly winding her up she was shouting and swearing and seemingly made a scene and now she is annoyed that about the comment piers gave Shaheen Jafargholi a good comment saying he was just as good as Susan Boyle! its disgusting she has got so big headed and to be honest I think there is bigger talent in that competition than her people only liked her course she was a surprise but now she is just damn right boring she could put an audience to sleep after and hour! Fair enough she seems to be a really nice woman but she needs to get a grip she isn’t the only good talent in the competition but I wouldn’t be surprised if she won the competition for being good at singing even though she is so ugly!

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