MPs expenses

A disc has recently been sold to a newspaper containing all the expenses of MPs and the outrageous claims Mps have been claiming for more than they should have expenses allow them to claim furniture rent and or mortgage interest payments on their second home. A number of MPs have switched, or "flipped", the designation of their homes, allowing them to ­furnish different homes at the expense of the taxpayer. Many MPs have been claiming kit Kats, maids, cooks, meals, televisions, cushions and also shopping! Tax payers are paying for the luxury the MPs get to live in during the credit crunch where alot of people are struggling to put food on the table due to so many job losses! MP Lib Dem Lembit Opik did not apologise at first but finally did after saying he does not understand why it was wrong for him to claim £2,499 for a TV set, he even claimed a £40 court summons, he has said he is going to payback some of the money. A few Mps have apologised and are paying back what they have claimed wrongly including Julia Goldsworthy, who is paying back £1,005 she claimed for a chair, and former leader Sir Menzies Campbell is also paying back £1,490.66 he paid to an interior designer. Care services minister Phil Hope, the Corby and East Northants Labour MP, is to pay back £41,709 in expenses. Mr Hope claimed for furniture, fittings and other items for his second home. In his exact works "The anger of my constituents and the damage done to perceptions of my integrity concerning the money has been a massive blow to me that I cannot allow to continue," but many Mps are trying to keep low to try and to ignore the problem so they wont have to pay back there wrongly claimed expenses taken from the tax payers money. This is disgusting and I think each mp should be made to give back the money, it’s outrageous that they will get away with it!!!

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