Kerry Katona

Its an absolute sin on this woman, all the paparazzi sit out side her house 24/7 waiting to take a photo so they can exaggerate and lie about what they actually seen she just wants to have a normal life, I don’t usually agree with celebrities doing stupid things then moaning about the pictures in magazine but after watching the series of Kerry Katona crazy in love, I realised she is just a normal down to earth person but her family and so called friends who she trusts constantly sell made up stories about her, she has lost so many friends and members of her family due to this including her own mum its disgusting knowing that even her own mother made up a story and told the world just for a couple of grand. How horrible would it be to not be able to trust close friend and relatives too scared to say the wrong thing in front of them in case they exaggerate some bullshit and sell it thinking you wouldn’t mind and would forgive them when they say sorry and take you for tea with the money they made from humiliating you! What kind of a mother would sell a bullshit story about their own daughter, just less than year after her daughter had forgiven her for disowning her for drugs through out her childhood and ruining her childhood because of it, if she is that sick to sell out her own daughter why does she actual think her daughter will just forgive her after all she has done I certainly know that I wouldn’t no chance in hell! i would never sell out someone I cared for and knew that they trusted me for money! Her mum is a very nasty sick woman and I hope Kerry doesn’t let her back in her life for her own sake as well as her kids.

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