so many question?

so what are we? are people sent to learn a lesson and die after they have completed there test god has given them? so they know how to cope or be able to do something to help them in there next life. or are they punished with death for doing wrong or doing what god told them not to? or is life just like the lottery? what if no one is out there to decide what happens it just happens by its self. life is so confusing no one knows what gonna happen next it feels like the lottery to us but what IF there is someone out there controlling what we do or say? are we like robots getting controlled by everyone or even like a computer game controlled against each other! do we have any choice at all at what we do, do we even have our own thoughts or is someone controlling them aswell? are the people controlling us ghosts of ancestors or little people or even one man who controlls us from in the sky or are they aliens using our bodys to survive on earth? how will we ever know? is ther somewhere after death do we go to as better place if we have been good or a bad place if we have been bad? is there heaven or hell or even places like that for after death? is there somewhere bigger and better than earth that we just dont knowm about? how will we find out these answers? is there any way we ever will? no one knows!!!

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